Solar Panel Installers in Blackpool

As the name (Solar Installs) suggests we are a Solar Panel Installation company providing high quality and affordable solar panel installation services to both homes and commercial properties in Blackpool and Fylde. We have a small team of PV solar panel installers in Blackpool, who are dedicated, qualified and experienced in all aspects of solar panel installations from consultancy, advice, design and installation.

Our Solar Services:

  • Solar Panel Installs
  • Solar Heating Installations
  • Solar PV Tiles
  • Solar Panel Fitting
  • Solar Panel/Heating Servicing
  • Solar Water Heating Installation
  • Solar Savings Advice
  • Solar Panel Repairs

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We provide the full servces when it comes to solar panel services in Blackpool, we are always on hand to help, advise, design, install and maintain. As a company we aim to provide a first class installation, maintenance and repair service that is affordable for both residential and commercial customers in Blackpool. If your require any more information on the solar services we provide or to book a solar panel installer in Blackpool, feel free to give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form HERE.

Solar Panel Benefits

Once the solar panel system is installed on your house and/or commercial property, the electricity generated will automatically be used in your property. If more electricity is being generated than is being used then the surplus is exported back onto the national grid. The governments Feed In Tariff (FIT) will pay for all electricity generated even if this electricity is used in the property. This then gives the system owner a further saving as they do not have to purchase the electricity that has been used from the PV system. Any surplus electricity is exported onto the national grid, the rate that is paid for this electricity varies between electricity suppliers.